books to look forward to this summer

2020 has been one hell of a year for books, with many of the most anticipated reads coming this summer. Here’s my run down of some of the most exciting fiction and non-fiction on the way in the coming months.


The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I’ve loved every single Matt Haig book I’ve read, both non-fiction and fiction, and been excited for this novel since he first mentioned writing it. His fiction always manages to give me a different perspective on daily life, and the concept of this book, a library in which you can pick from all the lives you could’ve lived, sounds brilliant. Haig somehow always finds the words to express what many people can’t, so I’ve no doubt his words will resonate with a lot of people through this novel as well. During the anxious times we’re in, I’d recommend taking a break from the news and getting stuck into Haig’s previous books while we wait ever so patiently for this one.

Out 20th August.

Olive by Emma Gannon

You might’ve read Emma Gannon’s non fiction books, or listened to her podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete. I adore her podcast and have listened for quite a while now, it’s super helpful and informative, so I would highly recommend using this time to listen to it as well. I really like the sound of this book, centred around the character Olive, as she tackles adulthood and the still frowned upon choice to not have children. I can’t wait to see what she’s done with the concept and from the reviews so far, I think a lot of women will feel very seen, and it’s about time.

Out 23rd July.

Out of Love by Hazel Hayes

This book is a love story told in reverse, and based on Hayes’ online content as a screen writer, I know it’ll be witty and wonderful and will ultimately leave me a wreck. I’m intrigued to see how she’s pulled off such an interesting approach to a romantic novel, and I look forward to all the insightful observations as she dissects the age old story of love and heartbreak.

Out 11th June.

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

I’ve seen so many reviews raving about Osman’s debut novel already, it sounds like a fantastic twisty plot that everyone will love, with characters you won’t want to leave (which is handy since it’s the first of a series). It centres around 4 friends who meet up once a week to work out the truth behind unsolved murders, and one week they find themselves stuck in the middle of a real case. I’ve no doubt Osman will dazzle with a story that is equal parts clever and funny, and put a fresh spin on the classic crime novel.

Out 3rd September.


Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

If you don’t already follow Florence Given on instagram, go change that now. I keep instagram off my phone most of the time but the times I do download it are because I need to hear what wisdom she’s giving us today (and look at her bangin’ illustrations). Given will take us all on a deep dive to find out who we really are when we don’t have the patriarchy holding us down. She reminded me what a god damn angry woman I am, and that I won’t hold back my passion or dull myself down or lose any of myself for anyone ever. And I’m sure as hell this book will do that for a lot of other people who’ve held back and stayed quiet just because we don’t fall into the category of straight white cis male. The world would be a better place if we all listened to Florence Given, and the world certainly doesn’t deserve getting all her free education and advice, so go preorder and support god’s work and maybe dump your boyfriend as well if you’re feeling it.

Out 11th June.

How do we know we’re doing it right? by Pandora Sykes

The contemporary world may be a more positive one because it brought with it a wide variety of choice for most of the population, but that wide variety has come with its own problems too. It can be overwhelming to try and figure it all out, but thankfully, Pandora Sykes will take us through it all in this book. Whenever Sykes recommends an article or some good non-fiction (on her much loved podcast, The High Low, with co-host, Dolly Alderton) I know it’s gonna give me a whole new outlook on the modern self. From the sound of this book, and her writing in the past, this looks like it will dig deep into the many thoughts and fears that take up our lives, Sykes basically does the work for us, as she unwinds all the possibilities and sifts through the myths. I’ve no doubt this book will have something for everyone, and allow us to stop trying to be on top of everything, and instead take a moment to enjoy the unknown.

Out 16th July.

The Wild Silence by Raynor Winn

I read Raynor Winn’s first book, The Salt Path, last summer and it was so breathtaking I can still remember it all so clearly even now. I’m not sure how to describe the type of book it is other than that it was one that was missing from the market. I’ve never read anything quite as calming and yet incredibly moving, and The Wild Silence sounds like it’ll do just that and more. It continues the story from the end of the first book after Winn and her husband finished walking the coastal path and were preparing to return to a more mundane, and more situated existence. It’ll leave you with a craving for nature and appreciating our wilder, less tidy, and imperfect selves.

Out 3rd September.

The New Queer Conscience by Adam Eli

This book is part of a series of small books called The Pocket Change Collective, giving voice to the creatives and thought leaders of the moment. In this one, Voices4 Founder and LGBTQIA+ activist, Adam Eli takes us all through the responsibility that queer people have, and how compassion and care is needed in order to come together towards a common goal. This sounds like a much needed book for everyone- whether you’re part of the queer community or an ally- to reassure and provide guidance, especially given the volatile and ever changing times we live in. I’m sure this book will be an excellent reminder of the importance of standing together, and caring for one another.

Out 2nd June.

Hopefully this gets you buzzed for summer reading, even if this year, it’s a little less poolside reads and more window/balcony/garden reads. Either way I wish you plenty of sun, as long as you’ve got the factor 50 on, or if you’re not into that, plenty of shade.

Make sure to support authors by preordering if you can.


2 thoughts on “books to look forward to this summer

  1. Another fantastic blog 🙂 Your descriptions of the books has really got me captivated and looking forward to reading some of the books on the list especially the Matt haig and the Richard osman ones. Looking forward to the next blog!

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